Home Learning Year 1 to be completed by Monday 10th June

Practice reading these words (spelling quiz on 17/06/19):

fair                   stairs

hair                   pairs

chair                  fairy

Can you find any of these words in your reading book?


Can you practice writing these words?

Can you write them in a sentence?

Home Learning Tasks:

  • Keep using the Bug Club Phonics games (they have been allocated on Bug Club).
  • Practice your sounds. Challenge yourself to read all of your phase 3 and 5 phonemes every day.
  • Can you solve the Maths Challenges opposite?
  • How many of our British birds can you spot? Put a tick by the bird on the sheet every time you see one.
  • Can you tell me about your weekend?
  • Try to read all of your books on Bug Club. The computers and iPads will be available to do this in class during T2T.


Please use every home learning opportunity to support your child with reading and phonics. Please use the sheets handed out. Here are some useful sites for games:

https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ https://www.phonicsbloom.com/    https://www.readwithphonics.com/

Maths challenge.


Can you draw any arrays that you can spot around your home/ at the weekend?

Here are some that we spotted in the classroom!