Day 5 learning (Friday 27/03/20)

And so to the final day’s learning before the Easter break. You should have recorded four 20-minute reading sessions this week into your Reading & Contact book. If you followed the advice we talked about last week, you would also now have finished your holiday home learning (an extra hour each day this week.)

So onto today’s learning… but first a joke. Why didn’t Pythagoras like chips? Because they were made in Ancient Grease.

Erm. Ok then. Visit the Discovery Education Espresso website and log-in with the username and password you were given (you put it on the back of your Reading and Contact book on a sticker.)

Click on these options: Key Stage Two – History – Greeks – events

Watch the video clip – What was the importance of the Olympic Games?

Next, explore the link to the right of the video clip: Special Report – Olympics


Use the biggest sheet of paper in your learning pack to present your final draft of a poster about The Olympic Games. You should research it first and collect your information into your lined booklet. Compare the two versions of the Olympics: ancient and modern. Tell your reader about when they started, why they started, the different events, the clothing worn, the location, how often they were held and so on.

There isn’t an extension activity today – just spend longer researching your poster and drawing better pictures of the different events. This should take a lot of time today so it’s just as well you have finished your holiday home learning and this week’s reading! As usual, do your best.

Enjoy the Easter holidays as much as you can but remember, the most important thing is to follow the rules and keep yourself and others safe. I’ll be back after Easter with more learning and even more jokes! (Groan!) Bye for now… Mr Hankin