Day 4 learning (Thursday 26/03/20)

Morning all. Hopefully you’re enjoying the activities so far? Apologies for not posting an activity yesterday – technical difficulties while working from home! I’m back in school now so no more problems!

All of this is a bit weird, isn’t it, but let’s make the best of it, eh?

Which reminds me of a joke: You know when scuba divers enter the water from a boat? Do you know why they fall backwards into the water? Because if they fell forwards, they would land in the boat.

Okay. Onto today’s learning…

Visit the Discovery Education Espresso website.

Log-in with the username and password you were given (you put it on the back of your Reading and Contact book on a sticker.)

Click on these options:

Key Stage Two – History – Greeks – life

Watch the video clip – Who did the Ancient Greeks worship and why?


Who were the 12 Greek gods, known as the Olympians? What were their roles? What were their special powers? Find out what you can about each god and record your research in note form (not full sentences) into the lined booklet you were given. Use other research sources, not just the video clip (in other words, use the internet to research.) This is a good source:

Extension Activity

Can you find any stories involving the gods? Find out about ancient Greek myths – stories involving the gods and humans and usually involving a quest (like Jason and the Argonauts!) Focus on one myth and present it as a comic strip (remember, like the King Midas cartoon in an old reading paper we did?)