Good morning all!

We hope that you had a lovely Tuesday enjoying the sunshine and possibly creating a treasure box? At school we enjoyed the lovely weather playing with gutters and a water, enjoying forest school where they found squirrel nuts to crack, made a den and lots of potions with mud and water! inside we had ago at making a coil pot!


Joyful June Wednesday  activity:

Thank a friend for being there for you!

Pattern Challenge:

How many patterns can you find around your house or in the natural world?

Can you create a picture of your favourite pattern?

Below are some patterns you can find around your home and outside good luck!


Today’s story has another pattern element it is called:”Pants” by Giles Andrea and Nick Sharratt and this story is sung for you!

It is quite fast but can you spot all the patterns on the pants!


We hope you enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!

Tomorrow we are hoping to do some Zoom video story calls with the families Mrs Penn phoned last week. She hopes it all works and looking forward to seeing you!

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman