Day 2 learning (Tuesday 24/03/20)

Hi guys. I’m in our classroom and it’s really empty without you. Our school is a great building, but it’s nothing without you lot. For starters, there’s nobody laughing at my jokes. Spare a thought for what is happening in the North Pole all the moment: Santa’s elves have been told to elf ice-olate.

So onto today’s learning then…

Visit the Discovery Education Espresso website.

Log-in with the username and password you were given (you put it on the back of your Reading and Contact book on a sticker.)

Click on these options:

Key Stage Two – History – Greeks – People

Watch the video about a famous Greek mathematician, Pythagoras.


Collect all of the information you can from the video about the main man (Pythagoras) and present it in an exciting fact-file type poster that would appeal to other 11-year-olds. It should include pictures, diagrams, fun facts and so on. Use a plain A4-sized piece of paper (it was sent home in your learning pack.) Have fun!

Extension activity

Add to your fact file by widening your search to other websites. Enjoy!