Good morning  – hope you are all well. Shame about the rain outside but that doesn’t matter where we are going! Today we are off to Baltimore in the United States of America to have a look around the National Aquarium. It’s an amazing place and the web tour has a lot of interactive features so you can guide yourself around and find out more about the creatures there. Here is the link:

Don’t forget to use the ‘view map’ and ‘explore scenes’ banners at the top of the page to find new creatures and areas of the building. Once you have had a good explore, pick one of the amazing animals you were interested in and explore that species further, just like you did with the platypus yesterday. Draw it, find out about what makes it special, its diet, its natural habitat, how are numbers of your creature in the wild? Is it endangered? How big is it? Find out as much as you can. Enjoy it!

We will be thinking about music next week – what you like, what the people around you like and who are the key performers of that musical style…

Mr Hankin