Write a My News piece about your weekend. Use the example in your book to help make it really interesting and informative!

On your book choosing day, choose a book together from our book crates and start to fill in your reading record for the week.

In Time to Think, Plan which Home Learning challenge you would like to do together this week.

And, just for this week:

  • Use the Ipads to take a selfie of you and your family.
  • Can you get all of the days of the week in the right order?
    • Can you read them all?
    • Can you spell them all?
    • Which ones are trickiest to spell? Can you think of any way to make it easier?

Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday Saturday

  • What models or pictures could you use to show these numbers?

13   48    32   97    63    56   21   74

  • What is on your mind at the moment? What are you thinking about? Can you draw or write it?