Day 1 learning (Monday 23/03/20)

Hi guys!

Visit the Discovery Education Espresso website

Log-in with the username and password you were given (you put it on the back of your Reading and Contact book on a sticker.)

Click on these options:

Key Stage Two – History – Greeks – Life

Choose ‘When and where was Ancient Greece?’

Watch the video

Activity: (on lined paper in your learning pack.)

Use the internet to plan a history discovery holiday for you and a friend to Greece. Where will you go? Where will you fly from? Where will you visit when you are there? Which historically important sites? How much will everything cost? Which hotel will you stay in? Design a daily itinerary (timetable) of what you will do and how long you will spend in each place.

Extension Activity: (on smaller piece of plain paper in your learning pack.)

Use the internet to help you choose your favourite historical site in Greece. Find an object of historical importance there. Draw it!