Good morning base 2,

I hope the first day of your online learning was a successful one.  I am aware that some websites are taking longer to download, try to be patient.

On our webpage you would have noticed a message regarding the log in to Discovery Education as the password and username did not print out on the sticker very clearly.  If you are experiencing any problems, please take a look our HTV website and check the username again.

For today I would like you to complete the following:

Every single day Monday to Friday, Joe Wicks is doing a live PE workout session for children.  This is called “PE with Joe” and is going to be aired on his YouTube Channel ‘The Body Coach’, at 9am.

  • Home skills – What new home skills have you learnt? Have you helped your family with the washing up, cooking, making your bed?  This is a time to become more independent and start learning new skills around the home.  I am sure your family would love the help.

I have received some great photos.  One family has suggested the following for ‘Under the Sea’ yoga with Cosmic Kids yoga on YouTube.  Any other suggestions you have please let me know and I will put it on our class page.

I always said we are a class that thinks about each other and you are really showing it!

Make sure you let me know how you are getting on or even upload some photos.

Take care, Mrs Cousins.