Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Foundation Stage

We are learning how to write letters

You might also hear about how we have been dancing VOLCANO's ! This session is call  'Write Dance' and we exercise our muscles so that we have strong arms, wrists and fingers ready to write.  Volcano dancing...

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Autumn Term in the Foundation Stage

Our 'Wait, Watch and Wonder' books chart and show the progression of learning across all areas of the classroom. On this site I have selected to show a very small amount of the interests which have featured this Autumn Term,  the photos stories we have would fill...

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Looking and Learning about the unusual!

Today Friday 2nd July we explored the New and Unusual... Papaya's, Asparagus, Passion Fruit Across the summer term we have been developing our observational drawing and painting skills. We have drawn insects, leaves, flowers and TODAY... due to lovely Jade from Asda...

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Haytor View Pizzeria

This was one of those afternoons that I will remember forever because we has SO much belly laughter.

We ALL children and adults laughed and laughed for two hours.

We did finally manage to make a pizza each, after spinning and stretching our own dough.


Fun in our amazing outdoor space

Our outdoor play  is amazing!

Haytor what a climb and how we loved to jump! Wednesday 23rd June 2021. Base 2 trip.

What a wonderful time we had at Haytor this morning! 

We loved the coach journey and the climb to the top but especially jumping from the rocks!


We  enjoyed a lovely picnic! We found poo and bugs what more could you ask for??  Amazing children and parents of course!

What an amazing first time to think trip! Look out for our picture in the hub!


Flag Searching at Haytor Rocks

Our FIRST EVER Time to Think trip and it was ‘Brilliant’ and the sun shone for us!!

We ALL ‘everyone of us’ made it to the top….IN RECORD SPEED!!!

It was a perfect place to have our lunch and just take in the view..HAYTOR VIEW the other way round!!

Then some of you RAN…Yes ran down ..with such confidence! I could not catch you up…….

An amazing morning and wonderful work recreating our journey in the afternoon. We will display your detailed visual map in the hub for everyone to see.


May in Foundation Stage Reception Base 1

We LOVE… PE on a Tuesday and Forest School on a Thursday

We have been developing our observational drawing skills and designing skills through the use of oil pastels and woodwork. JUST LOOK at our skills.

Woodwork has developed perseverance, confidence, resilience and social skills such as the ability to wait as others complete a sustained piece of work.  

We have also extended our skills in other ways ..

..  AMAZING Unit Block constructions

3D Star Wars sculptures

Reading the class story at the end of the day.

May in Foundation Stage / Nursery

Having Fun in May in both the rain and the sun!


Building friendships has been very important across the first half of this term.



You can see that playing and learning with our friends makes us very happy.


We have started to further develop our skills …Just look what we can do now!




Wednesday 22nd July 10 Things to do this Summer


I would like to express my THANKS and PRIDE in the work and commitment EVERY family has shown across the last 4 months. During the last week, at work with my F2 class, watching the F1’s children on our Zoom calls and observing the reactions when children have been able to return into the setting for our ‘Get together’,  it has been ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

The smiles, joy, confidence, friendship and laughter that we always shared together  in class has continued to shine and blossom as we have  experienced learning in different forms. Each Zoom was different and a thrilling new learning journey for myself and my team, children singing five current buns, or five little monkeys, retelling their own favourite story, building their own playdough characters or even leading the Zoom memory game session, 

The last two days watching your children  bounce with joy as they entered the outside area during our get together has been priceless. You all have such amazing children and they truly make me smile.

ENJOY Every single moment of your summer holidays. Make precious memories,  playing together and sharing hours of free fun having picnics in the garden, walking in the sun or rain, time to be silly together and laugh your list will be so LONG. DO whatever makes you all happy and you enjoy yourselves. 

September will be a new start for everyone within the familiar groups we know. I am extremely pleased to be able to share even more time with your children because they truly are a pleasure to teach. The F1 children and parents! returning will start a new journey for us as we introduce Forest School Sessions as part of our transition. this new venture makes me excited and I know the sessions will bring HUGE smiles to your children’s faces.

                                  10 THINGS TO DO THIS SUMMER 


2:- Enjoy making things

3:- Enjoy getting messy with paint, sand or MUD!

4:- Continue to bake and explore new recipes 

5:- Keep HUNTING for bugs and insects 

6:- Keep setting yourself Physical challenges 

7:-  Take pleasure in quiet beaches and the beauty of the coast.

 8:- Enjoy fresh ice cream…YUM!

9:-  Try something NEW or take a different approach to something familiar

10:- JUMP FOR JOY and Enjoy Every Moment. 


I look forward to seeing you all again in September when we all have had time to rest and enjoy time together with family on holiday. A holiday which might be different than usual but will still build important memories for life. Make those memories very SPECIAL.  

Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell. 



Thursday 16th July 2020

Hello All!

We hope that you have had a good week so far?  We have had a super time in school really enjoying our our last times to play together before we break for the summer and return to school in September!

Here are some photos of out last fun days together choosing what we wanted to play inside and outside:


We hope that you are all going to have a lovely time at home enjoying picnics and fun with your families! Enjoy  outside spaces in the sunshine and the rain and spend time talking and being together!


Here is the story we shared together this week in school ” The fish who could Wish!” By John Bush and Korky Paul.

What would you wish for I wonder?



Happy Summer Holidays to you all. See you in September!

Mrs Heap, Mrs Penn and Mrs Coleman

Monday 13th July 2020

Hello Everyone!

We hope that you were able to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather this weekend? Our dog Ollie loved a really long swim in the sea on Sunday morning but I did not join him!!!

Did you manage to male some ice cream at the weekend? if you did not make your own were you lucky enough to have an ice lolly or ice cream at the beach, park or shops??


Did you have ago at making up a poem like the one I posted? 

I scream

you scream

we all scream for

Ice Cream

If you did maybe you could email it to me??

Mrs Heap and Ching,Ching have been busy again. They made star biscuits and if you click the blue writing you may like to have ago at making these at home: (there are 3 sheets to view!)

Stars from afar with Ching Ching

stars from afar 2

a star from afar 3

This is the last week we will be meeting together on a Tuesday and Wednesday. We have  had so much fun meeting up and enjoying each others company. It has been wonderful to see you playing with each other safely having so much fun inside and outside. 

We hope that you will continue to to so this week.

You may choose to do some gardening, or to play with the mud kitchen, or perhaps to create a puppet show, enjoy water play, tell jokes, paint and finally finish your clay pots creating a box to transport them home safely!


I have decided to upload two stories by the author Chris Haughton: “Oh No George!” and “SHH! We have A Plan” Shh is read by Chris Haughton. Enjoy them both:



We hope you have a good week whatever you choose to do? I will post again on Thursday. 

Take care and keep safe

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman



Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning everyone!

Aplologies for the lack of posts over the past week but our website had a bit of a hitch which did not allow us to upload pictures etc for you to view and this was out of our control but we are all fixed now I hope?!!

From next week I will only be adding  a new post for you to view on a Monday and a Thursday. We have taken this decision because of the time we are working in school with groups of children and also offering zoom video story sessions!

We hope that you have been able to enjoy the time at home and possibly taken the opportunity to meet up with family members you have not been able to see over the past months? We have had a lovely time in school loving spending such fun times with the children and enjoying seeing some of you on a Zoom video story time!.  Here is a flavour of some of the activities we have been enjoying in school:


The children liked the opportunity to cut fruit to make their own kebabs and ice cream. Interestingly some children found opening and peeling their own banana quite a challenge! Over the weekend let your child help you prepare some of your meals: cutting vegetables, peeling fruit and even opening some packages with your support of course! All these skills are vital to develop independence skills and developing fine motor control and hand strength! 

 Mrs Heap brought Ching Ching into class on Wednesday to help make ice cream .

When Alfie saw him he said “Wow! it’s Ching, Ching, he’s on my mummy’s phone and now he is here!”

Here is Ching, Ching and Mrs Heap making ice cream. Why don’t you try this at home this weekend! Click the blue writing to see the recipe        Ice cream dream with Ching Ching



Enjoy the following story together: Olivers Milk shake by Vivian french


Could you help make a yummy, scrummy tip top tasty milk shake this weekend or make some freezy ice cream

I just found this Ice cream story for you to listen too:

Here is a little poem:

I scream!

You scream!

We all scream!

for ice cream!

Could you make up a poem about something you like?

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Penn, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Heap

PS: Please make sure you have read all the letters about returning in September. If you can not find them on the gateway app or on the website or you need something explained please get in touch by phone or email!!