Foundation Stage

Wednesday 22nd July 10 Things to do this Summer

HELLO EVERYONE  A HUGE THANK YOU I would like to express my THANKS and PRIDE in the work and commitment EVERY family has shown across the last 4 months. During the last week, at work with my F2 class, watching the F1's children on our Zoom calls and observing the...

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Monday 13th July 2020

Hello Everyone! We hope that you were able to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather this weekend? Our dog Ollie loved a really long swim in the sea on Sunday morning but I did not join him!!! Did you manage to male some ice cream at the weekend? if you did not make your...

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Wednesday 1st July Balancing in different ways

This photo just says EVERYTHING!  What a wonderful photo of joy and delight in their own skills.  Good Morning Everyone. I had a huge smile when I saw these new photos in my emails. The excitement in your skills is GREAT to be able to see. I had a lovely Tuesday being...

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Thursday 16th July 2020

Hello All! We hope that you have had a good week so far?  We have had a super time in school really enjoying our our last times to play together before we break for the summer and return to school in September! Here are some photos of out last fun days together...

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Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning everyone! Aplologies for the lack of posts over the past week but our website had a bit of a hitch which did not allow us to upload pictures etc for you to view and this was out of our control but we are all fixed now I hope?!! From next week I will only...

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Wednesday 1st July 2020

Hello All and happy first of the month to you! We hope you had a good Tuesday at home? Maybe you tried the activity from yesterday or enjoyed the story posted? We had a super day in school! The children explored paint with marbles, torches,made fruit chocolate kebabs,...

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Tuesday 30th June Making Kites

Good Morning Everyone

I hope that you had a creative day full of colour. You will find colours to mix inside and outside.   

Look at this rainbow piano picture, it is being played as they sit on a purple and blue stool. ( taped strips that have been coloured)

Look at this design work from Monday morning……..A spectacular bed made from card, cotton wool and felt…STUNNING WORK.


Designing was a High Focus ALL morning using card, the marble run and  bricks.




This was Elsa in her dress with additional stars.





I wonder which colours you managed to mix ? Using RED, Yellow and BLUE

Today Tuesday I wonder if you could make your own kite? Yesterday one of the children in F2 class made a pink kite with a long decorative tail.

I wonder what shape and size your kite could be?

This is a simple pattern, but your child might wish to create their own shape. All you will need to do is an attached piece of string. ENJOY testing your kites



Today ( Tuesday) I will be able to say HELLO to the F1 children, YEAH!  as Tuesday and Wednesday are my Zoom days.  I always look forward to finding out what you have been enjoying, at home or when you have been out and about. 

A NEW story for you all to share together… Enjoy 

See you all soon. Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell.


Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good morning everyone!

We hope that you had a good Monday making each other laugh either with silly jokes or in other ways. Mr Franklin told these jokes in the Key worker group, who are working on a theme of Space, I hope they make you laugh:

How do you get an astronaut’s baby to sleep?                                                                                   

You rocket!

Why do astronaunts have such good parties?                                                                                       

They planet!

Have you any jokes you could share with us??

Today and tomorrow some  of the children from the foundation stage Base 2 will be in school. Here is a taster of some of the fun activities that you might like to try:


I wonder how many items you found to fill your small boxes and containers yesterday?

Today’s challenge is to go large!

Find a big box or container and find items that measure the same  size as your shoe or bigger! No item smaller than your shoe can be added to the box. Will you find less items now they are bigger or have you found a huge box??

Today is the last day for  Joyful June:

Make a list of the joys in your life and keep adding to that list!

Check this list each day to remind you that there will always be moments of joy!

The story today is:”Papa get the moon for me” by Eric Carle: The moon changes size in this story!


We wish you all a tremendous Tuesday!

Mrs Penn and mrs Heap and Mrs coleman





Monday 29th June More Colour Mixing

Good Morning

I hope you had a Lovely weekend. I finally got to visit a National trust again this weekend,  one of my favourite things to do when I’m out and about. I wonder what you love to do when you go out? Have you been in the woods, to the beach, to the hills, down country lanes…. I wonder what fun you managed to have this weekend? 


Remember to take photos of the wonders you spot in the world. Everyone’s wonder will be different


  You can even take a photo look at this PHOTO …Taken by you not your mum or dad!







I wonder today if you could continue to explore outside to find your own treasures?

I also wonder if you could continue to explore colours because so many of you are exploring mixing.

HOW MANY DIFFERENT COLOURS CAN YOU MAKE when you ONLY use   Red, Blue and Yellow paint?  

You might need a few different pots to explore this challenge, yoghurt pots or old food containers. Enjoy the question…. Let me know what you find out…

I have added a story linked to emotions :- Its one we have listened to at school and talked about at the moment because so many have little worries that are keeping them awake. See what you think and then if appropriate share it with your child. 

See you soon in school or via zoom . Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell.

Monday 29th June 2020

Hello All

We hope that you have all enjoyed the weekend even though the weather was very mixed and changeable.

We are heading towards the end of June ,the longest day has already been, but I am sure we will have as much fun as we move into the new month on Wednesday!

It was so good to get some photos in my in box last week. It seems that exploring the world outside has proved very important to you. Take a look at these photos:

Seeing the small clam shell that Guy found I would like to set you a challenge for today. Find a small box or container and then go around your house or your garden or when you go for a walk in the woods or at the beach and find as many small items as you can to fill your container.

When your container is full take the items out to count them. Did you collect 10 items, or more than 20 items. You can use a 10 grids or egg boxes to help you organise your counts. Give a container to your brother or sister or your mum or dad. Who can find the most items, which person found the smallest amount, did you find the same amount??

Please let us know how you get on and what small items you found! Send a photo to admin@haytorview.devon.sch.uk

There are only 2 days to explore  Joyful June!

I would like to share with you a quote that goes with the Joyful June daily suggestions:

” Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day” Alice Morse Earle.

This is something we need to continue to hold beyond June as we live through these unprecedented times.

Monday: Take time to do something that makes you happy.

This could be very varied but I would like to share with you a little joke that Kieran told me last week:  “Mrs Penn What happens if Pluto was painted blue?”

Mrs Penn “Kieran , what would happen?”

Kieran “it would be called Bluto!”  This really made me smile!!

Challenge: can you tell each other some jokes today?

You might like to start you joke with “Knock, Knock whose there…….” or “did you hear about…” and so on.

Today’s story has a number theme “Handa’s Hen!” by Eileen Browne


We hope you have marvelous Monday

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman


Friday 26th June Cutting fruit, Fruit kebabs or Fruit salad

Good Morning

WELL Yesterday was as WET and FUN as I had hoped!  Everyone of us got WET…. REALLY WET.  Thank you for sharing your FUN its Wonderful to know how many children will have been giggling and belly laughing today as they just explored water and bubbles.

In the Morning by 10am our Bubble Mixture had got HUGE!

AND went EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

Each bucket made a different SPLASH!!



Then they got hold of the hose…I stood NO CHANCE!!!!!!!! We had a 2 hour water fight in the afternoon and EVERYONE was wet.





It looks like you had FUN and you also managed to make your foam a colour!

Out and about Exploring is such Wonderful Learning and having Fun in the River looks as Amazing as it would feel for them. I LOVE watching the pure joy on children’s face as they truly explore the world. 

So What FUN should we all EXPLORE today Friday.  On Thursday between getting wet the group made fruit kebabs covered in melted chocolate. 

I wonder which fruit you could cut up at home and either make a fruit salad or a fruit kebab?  


I wonder which you will want to make? 

Enjoy this water story as it describes all of the different types of WATER

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Continue to enjoy your adventures together as a family and your active learning. Keep Smiling and Keep Safe Miss Butler



Friday 26th June 2020

Hello Everyone!

Dare I say it again but what a super hot sunny day it was yesterday! We feel so happy that we were able to join some families in a video zoom story time call! It gives us such pleasure to see your smiling faces!! It was a busy day in school with lots of water based activities! We hope you were able to explore water at home as well! Here are some photos that might inspire you! Send me the photos of your water fun!


In  the Key worker group we made our own jam tarts into pirate treasure tarts by adding sprinkles and chocolate pieces. Here is the recipe to make a small batch of pastry to make jam tarts. You could try to make some this weekend.


1 dessert spoon of butter, 2 big dessert spoons of plain flour 

Water to make a dough

jam (sprinkles for pirate tarts)


place the butter and flour in a bowl rub together with your fingers, add a little water, use knife to combine to form a dough

roll out and cut out circles (we used a pot as we didn’t have a cutter)

Place in a bun tray add a teaspoon of jam to each pastry circle. (for pirate tarts add chocolate and sprinkles)

Bake in the oven for 15-20 mins until golden brown .      Enjoy!


Joyful June activities

Friday: see the upside of a difficult situation that you learnt from

Saturday: watch something funny and enjoy how it feels to laugh

Sunday:Create a play list of your favourite songs and take time to enjoy them. One song I quite like is the “wonder of you” By Elvis Presley have a listen. What do you think?


Mrs Heap has sent me another activity that her and Ching Ching have been doing. This is planting an apple seed. You could try and plant a seed from your favourite fruit like Ching Ching. Click on the blue writing     I need to plant a seed (1)


Today’s story is a guessing story about going to the beach. Enjoy


We wish you all a very happy  fun filled weekend!

Mrs Penn, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Heap



Thursday 25th June Whisking Bubbles in the Sun

Hello Everyone 

Well yesterday was SUPER HOT. I was inside most of the day but when I drove home my car felt like an oven…. SO HOT. I wonder if you spent time outside in the sun having fun?

I had three different Zoom sessions yesterday and I have learnt that the best number to have on zoom is 1 or 2 so that I can really talk to your lovely children. (That was my learning from yesterday.) Your children have so much to share, to show and to talk about that I want to make sure that I give them all the same opportunity.

Watching you on Zoom shows me how much you have all grown and your confidence to talk via a computer is brilliant. 

Thursday is supposed to be another HOT DAY. I have planned water fun and bubbles in school and decided WATER FUN and mixing could be your challenge at home as well!

Look at this experiment where the colours mixed … Their mum stated that they LOVED this milk and food colouring experiment ...

What beautiful coloured patterns

So today’s challenge is mixing but on a bigger scale!!!!! 

Bubble Mixing Experiment ( FUN!)

You need a Big container – Anything you have from washing up bowl to plastic box.

  • Handheld Whisks
  • Washing up Soap
  • Optional – food coloring
  • Optional scented oils – you could use strawberry or lemon or a melon food scents 

You could add food coloring and scent, but it is not necessary!! Whisking bubbles is enough!

Start with a small amount of water because the bubbles will be created quicker

Can you make the bubbles reach the top of the bowl or box? 

You might need to ask your sister or brother to help!!

You can make foam cakes!!!

You might even wish to get into the box!!! 

I will let you know how messy I get tomorrow with our mixing and  I REALLY look forward to seeing your pictures of Bubble Mixing and Bubble Fun in the Sun. 

The big red bath story with loads of bubbles ………

See you all soon. Keep Safe Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell.

Thursday 25th June 2020

Hello everyone!

Wow what a hot day yesterday was! We welcomed some children into the Foundation Unit and they had fun playing outside doing some gardening, making a clay pot, creating a number 20 bus and enjoying Forest school especially loving a water fight!!

Joyful June Wednesday:

Eat food that makes you feel good and savour it?  

What will you choose?? Chocolate maybe~ can you suck it until it disappears?  An ice cream~ which flavour will you choose? In a cone or a tub? Will you choose a lovely piece of cheese?? There are so many feel good foods adults and children treat yourself to something you especially like today!

As the weather is so hot at the moment I think a fun time with water might be in order!!  Remember you need to drink water a lot on a sunny day so fill your favourite bottle and take it everywhere with you!

Now how about trying some fun activities:

 Paddling pools are fun especially filled with bubbles! But all you need is a bowl of water with bubbles and you can wash your toys, wash your toys clothes and then make a washing line to hang them on!

Have a water fight but only use very small containers who can get the wettest or stay the driest?

Explore items in from around the house in bowls of water: will they sink or float?

Use natural items in the water

Make potions or have a tea party with your toys

Grown ups freeze some items in containers and then the children need to use toothbrushes or cotton buds with a gentle touch to try and release them!

You will have so many of your own ideas please send us some photos of your water fun!

Below are some ideas to inspire you!

Today’s story needed to be a story with water as it’s theme so I have chosen “A pig in a Pond” by Martin Waddell


We hope you enjoy a lovely sunny Thursday. We are looking forward to some zoom video calls this afternoon!!

Mrs Penn Mrs Coleman and Mrs Heap


Wednesday 24th June Taking Photos

Good Morning 

What another bright and sunny day Tuesday was in the weather  we had and in my meetings with you via Zoom. Thank you for your time and energy. I can’t wait till we meet again, when you will be leading the games.  I hope you don’t make it too hard for us both!!  

Again it is SO wonderful to see you explore the beauty of the world in which we live, In the sun and rain!


  Yes,  Collecting and finding your own treasures is the most exciting bit! 


An Egg! 

I wonder what sort of animal came from this egg?  The treasure hunters who found this egg thought it was left from a baby bird.

What do you think? 



I wonder if you can take photos of the tiny things in nature which you have found and love but can’t pick up or take with you?

I wonder what photos you will take to share with us?  It could be ANYTHING which you think is interesting in nature. Your own photos from any angle, cropped or close up will show us exactly what you see.  Each picture and item will be different. GO HUNTING with your eyes and nose!

Some of your teddies have been having and sharing treats. Mmmmmm

I wonder if some of your teddies will be enjoying outside picnics in the sunny weather?

You might already know the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears but this is a song that describes the story …. Enjoy IT  

See you soon in school or on zoom Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell


24th June 2020

Good morning all!

We hope that you had a lovely Tuesday enjoying the sunshine and possibly creating a treasure box? At school we enjoyed the lovely weather playing with gutters and a water, enjoying forest school where they found squirrel nuts to crack, made a den and lots of potions with mud and water! inside we had ago at making a coil pot!


Joyful June Wednesday  activity:

Thank a friend for being there for you!

Pattern Challenge:

How many patterns can you find around your house or in the natural world?

Can you create a picture of your favourite pattern?

Below are some patterns you can find around your home and outside good luck!


Today’s story has another pattern element it is called:”Pants” by Giles Andrea and Nick Sharratt and this story is sung for you!

It is quite fast but can you spot all the patterns on the pants!


We hope you enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!

Tomorrow we are hoping to do some Zoom video story calls with the families Mrs Penn phoned last week. She hopes it all works and looking forward to seeing you!

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman