Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage Fun Autumn 1!

This half term has flown by! We have been settling new children into our foundation stage unit. We have been getting to know each other and enjoying exploring our environment inside and outside.   [gallery...

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Shadow Puppets Talking Turns Project

What a WORLD BOOK DAY! We had the pleasure of watching and creating our own Shadow Puppets Show. The shadow puppet show was based on the story , 'The Man who Cuts the Clouds'. It's a simple story about a grandad who has an amazing...

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Role Play and keeping healthy.

Charlie's block play; where he created a sequence of washing clothes making a washing machine, a tumble dryer and a washing line, inspired us to to explore why and how we keep ourselves clean and to add resources from the real world to develop our imaginary role play....

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Dental Resources: learning and fun!


We have been lucky to borrow some dental resources from  Devon Dental  services for a week. We learnt a lot about how to care for our teeth.

Reception children’s Animation of Characters


This terms core book is The Gingerbread Man …. Listen to these Gingerbread man calling out to the different characters in the story.

We will build upon these skill across the next few weeks as we create our own digital stories.

Christmas Crafts 2022

Thank you for joining us for this busy and fun afternoon session.

The photo booth was a huge hit with the children.

Well done for joining your child at this activity. We had so many parents and grandparents dressing up and smiling… GREAT FUN!

Beautiful small world designs by two boys

These two boys were extremely excited for me to share in the pride they had in their work. I had to leave my area IMMEDIATELY to witness what they have created. It was a stunning paired piece of work, such careful placemen.

Roads, Maps and Vehicles.

Mobilo construction continues to be a huge focus with a few groups . Now the children are confident to construct vehicles we have supported the children to consider the roads and pathways their vehicle might follow.


Our Bodies and Our physical movements are a current interest

Questions the children have asked :







Krongelidong Write Dance

This half term we are developing our wrist and arm movements to support us forming coathanger letter, c,o,a,d,g,e  .We will be teaching the children in Reception the story of ‘ Krongelidong’. Its is about being lost in fog and finding imaginary creatures. We start by listening to some classical music and walking in a fluid movement pattern around cones to the sounds we hear before exploring the same fluid movements in paint, sand, crayon. You will see lots of fluid movement patterns start to cover our walls as we develop this handwriting skill.

Making structures outside

This week the children used the blocks outside to create spaces where we can play.

They made a police car complete with blue lights! A small group worked together to move the blocks to create this enclosure.


Another group of friends used crates to make a police house across the garden and then a lovely game developed where the children chased each other to capture the “baddies” and take them either to the police car or the police house.

The space provided a safe area for a child to draw a picture of the story. His picture included the police car with lights and a picture of the baddie!

What will the children make next time?

Pumpkin fun!

We have loved exploring pumpkins. We have learnt that they can look very different: different sizes and weights; different colours and they look great when carved!

Having pumpkins in our class prompted us to share our experiences of pumpkins and dressing up up for Trick and treating .

We left the scooped out pumpkin outside for a few days and it went “slimy” “smelly” and “Stinky” so we decided to smash it up and add to the wormery. “This is so disgusting!”  the children said but worked together to get the pumpkin into the wormery! We are wondering now if the worms will like the pumpkin to eat!






Monoprinting in Nursery

This week in Nursery we have been exploring monoprinting, a process in which children’s marks are captured to create a unique print.

The children chose a colour of paint which was squeezed straight onto the table! Then, they got stuck in with their hands, making a variety of marks within the paint. Some children used their whole hands across the table, some used their fingers to create patterns and others preferred to use a foam roller or a brush. We also began to experiment with some colour mixing.

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After they had plenty of time to explore the paint, we placed paper on top of their paint to capture their marks in a print. Have a look at these amazing works of art.

Image previewImage previewImage previewImage preview