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What a wonderful week of fun learning at home!

Here are some of the lovely photos you have sent this week from your time at home enjoy!

Making Den’s Inside and Outside

Look at the different Den’s that have been built in people’s homes. You can make a den inside or outside. One family even had their lunch in their den, WHAT FUN!  Keep finding different ways to make yourself and your toys a den. Enjoy yourselves. 

Den making and den fun!

What fun you seem to be having in your dens both at home and in the woods!












Lots more fun at home! 20th April 2020

Here is a selection of the fabulous activities you have been up to at home!

Look at Our Home Learning Fun

Fun Outside!

Fun learning at home

It was lovely to see that Guy has made a super treasure box which he has proudly put in 10 golden coins! I wonder if he has found some more treasure over the Easter break!


High Levels of Concentration during Home Learning

These are some of the many pictures that have been making me smile as I watch you learning at home. The high levels of concentration are visible in the children’s expressions. What FANTASTIC learners,  keep exploring and trying the different challenges that we set everyday.


Home Learning using Loose Parts

Tuesday March 24th 2020

   A house was created after searching in his house for items!      A rainbow,  rainbow circle and a bunny bookmark.

Thank you for sending in photos of your child’s learning.

Remember there aren’t any rules about what you can and can’t use when using loose parts and it is good to keep adding new materials and mixing things up. The same materials can be used in so many different ways by combining them with various other materials to produce different results each time.

Remember you don’t need to use glue and the items can be saved and used again.

Cress Planting and Cheese Tasting

We followed instructions of how to decorate our own pots and then plant our own cress hair!

Jane then returned in the afternoon to support us as we followed  a question posed by a group who had been painting together the day before. The question was, What does goats cheese taste like? What about sheeps cheese? How does that taste? Can you get rainbow cheese? Can you get cheese with fruit in it? You can get smelly cheese. How does that taste?          Goats cheese ” It smells like ice-cream” Smelly cheese( Blue cheese) “ERR Yuck” was the first response! Then three children tasted this blue cheese, they ate a whole chunk before pulling a face! Next Week we are going to make mini pizzas with our outright winner of the taste test…Red Leicester Cheese!


Circus Skills ‘Look what we can do!’

We had such an AMAZING session where we all had the opportunity to watch and try our hand at circus skills. The children also watched a fantastic circus show at the end of the school day. WHAT a FABULOUS DAY.

Mouse Paint

On Friday 31st Jan we read the story Mouse Paint  and the children requested to recreate the story by painting with their feet!! Monday 3.2.2020..FEET PAINTING FUN!  Spinning around in the paint trays we the most fun. Legs and bottoms got covered in paint! as the children dance and jumped along the rolls of paper.  

Being part of a Live Broadcast

On Thursday 30th January we took part in a Live Broadcast…. The children thought the music was different and one child described it as…”Its adult music, it is just hymns”  We explained that the Orchestra were using music and voices to tell a story. We will continue to widen the children’s experiences to classical music and musical story telling.

The Apple Tree
Thursday 30th January, 11am – 11.45am
A special early years music live broadcast live from Ushaw Historic House, Chapels & Gardens

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) will perform ‘The Apple Tree’, featuring soprano Kirsty Hopkins

Volcanoes !!!!

The comments below are the children’s thoughts and knowledge BEFORE we watched the Video Clip.

A volcano is a cone shape- K
It has Larva – A
It has fire- G
It goes all the way to the floor- R
And the larva goes all the way up to the air – C
and it explodes – H
The larva is SO hot , it would burn all over you- A
It has smoke and rocks inside -T
It has water in it- L …..NO it has fire – H
The rocks go down, down, down to the larva under the word – A
It goes under the sea, there are little rocks, medium and big big massive rocks and they blow out and hit people. -H
The volcano goes down to the sea -T
The larva goes down the grass and down to the sea – T
If you go under the larva , some of the larva shakes – A
It flows down to the sea and then the sea turns to Larva – H


Its like FIREWORKS!!! – H

Ballet Shoes! A Magical Day

Today was truly ‘magical’ where one child’s idea captured a whole class and sustained shared thinking for a whole day! It was wonderful to be part of this exploration into Ballet. How handmade ballet shoes can feel…STRANGE on our feet! Pretend Ballet shoes rip when we dance but we keep returning to the ballet shop to get the fixed! Perseverance, High Involvement, Co-operation, Turn Taking, Creative Thinking, Physical Movement, the list of skills was endless……. A Brilliant Day.  🙂 

Ballet Movements and Shows

We are a ‘GOOD’ school

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We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.

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