Hello Everyone!

Its been great to hear that everyone is looking forward to coming back in for their day next week! We are going to have an amazing time together. Miss Wicks has got some very special activities planned for us to enjoy together during the day, but I will keep these as a surprise.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t make those phonecalls myself but I’m a bit tied up during the day running the key worker provision. If anyone does have any questions or comments about their day back, please just drop me an email and give me a ring and I will make sure I get back to you at the end of the day.

These days are all about ‘dusting off the cobwebs’, not about catching up or cramming in new things. We will be reminding ourselves who we are and what is important to us, sharing our experiences over this interesting time and just reminding ourselves of all the amazing learning we did before the school was asked to close.

This week, if you want, can be about brushing up on those skills, in preparation for our getting back together.

Spend some time talking and reminding yourself about the following skills- a don’t worry if they have become a bit rusty, that is absolutely OK!

Practice your handwriting by writing our special sentence- The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Remind your self how you hold a pencil (remember your alien mouths!) and start every letter on the line.

Can you use models to make 2 digit numbers? Can you work out what two digit numbers are shown by a model.  Why is 36 < 63?

Practise your core body exercises- Can you hold the hedgehog, superman, table and plank for 30 seconds each?

Can you draw models for each of the 1 digit plus 1 digit number bonds like 3 + 5 =    or   5 + 6 =.

This should all be things that are familiar, and if they are not now, they will be after our day together.

Take care, not long now.

All the best

Mr F.