Hello everyone!

It’s another Monday. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend?  If any of you have any ‘My News’ writing you want me to see, feel free to send me a photo. An example of how you can write a one which has all the writing skills expected for year 2 is here. My news example

Make sure, whatever you do, you keep reading. Bug Club is all updated for reading, spelling and grammar, please complete the activities fully so I can see when you need the next one.

This week’s Math’s focus is about another problem booklet that you can be talking through together. It is here. 2018 reasoning

Thew first five questions are ones you talk through togther. Here is a script if you want to use it (or you could make up your own questions if you want That would be an interesting activity!)

  1. What is twenty add two add two?
    Write your answer in the box.
  2.  I am thinking of a number.
    It has four tens and two ones.
    Write my number in the box.
  3.  Look at the circle.
    Part of the circle is shaded.
    Tick the fraction below that shows the shaded part of the circle.
    Put your tick in the box by the correct fraction.
  4.  Turn the page over and look at question 4.
    There are thirteen marbles in a jar.
    The jar can hold twenty marbles.
    How many more marbles can ft in the jar?
    Write your answer in the box.
  5.  Write the same number in both boxes to make the
    multiplication correct.

This week, it might be good to look at computers, as we are using them so much. So, what is a computer?

This bitesize page might help.     https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zymykqt/articles/zc4x6sg

Have a look around your house and see just how many computers we use everyday.

  • Make a list of the computers you find.
  • What do we use them for?
  • How do we give them instructions? – This is INPUT.
  • How do the computers show us what they are doing? This is OUTPUT.

Computers use ALGORITHMS to tell them what to do. This page explains what an algorithm is.   https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z3tbwmn/articles/z3whpv4

Tomorrow, you could start learning how to create algorithms tell computers what to do, rather than them telling you!

By the end of the week, you should be able to fix mistakes in computer instructions to make computers work properly.

Have fun learning together.

Stay Safe

All the best

Mr F.


All the best

Mr F.