Hello everyone

Doing these updates every day really helps me feel like I’m doing something that helps me keep in touch. It’s nothing like seeing you in person but it is the best we have got at the moment I suppose.

The maths focus and bug club ideas are still the same as yesterday but maybe today you might like to have a look at a map of where you live.


If you have a look on this map, you will see it is a map of Buckland. If you want you can look at it on a screen or even better, print one out, you could use your map to talk about some of these questions.

Can you find the street you live on? Can you work out where your house is?

Can you get the map the right way around? Which direction is the post office from your house? Which direction is the park? The main road? Is your map the right way round. If it is, you have ‘orientated’ your map.

Where is the school? Can you work out your route to and from school? How would you write a set of instructions to tell someone how to get from the school to your house?

What else would you want to put on the map?

Tomorrow, I will give you a map to help you explore Decoy Park. Who knows, if the weather is nice, now the lock down has been eased, I might even decide to go for a little stroll around there myself. Maybe I will bump into you down there, keeping our distance of course!