Safeguarding Children Boards

Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility


The Devon and Torbay Safeguarding Children Boards (DSCB and TSCB) have the responsibility for coordinating and scrutinising the effectiveness of services being delivered to children and young people across Devon and Torbay.

Although much work has been done to help children and young people be safe from harm and abuse, there is still more to be done to ensure that all children and young people continue to be safe from harm or neglect and to have all the opportunities available to them to reach their full potential.

The Devon and Torbay Safeguarding Children Boards depend on everyone, whether professionals, volunteers, parents, or members of the public having an understanding of their own personal or professional responsibility to safeguard children.

Their website aims to provide information to parents and carers, children and young people and professionals who work with them. The site will be maintained and up-dated on a regular basis to ensure the information contained within it reflects the best possible information that is available.

Visit devonsafeguardingchildren.org for more information.