Other Fun Activities

Mrs Dore has some exciting ‘chicken’ news!

Mrs Dore and her husband had a chicken hatch 10 days ago, ‘Little Mabel’ was born with two weak legs which saw her ‘wobbly’ on her feet.

Mrs Dore’s husband did some research on the internet and discovered this is a common difficulty young chicks can face, the advice was to make some ‘splints’ for the chicken’s legs with short pieces of drinking straw and secure in place with a hairband.

Mabel was ‘fitted’ with the straws and hairband splints, and ‘hey presto’ it did the trick! Little Mabel is now

 running around and has no need for the straws or hairbands.

We’re sure she is having a lovely time in her run enjoying the sun and pecking the ground for tasty morsels!


Mrs Boulton says…

• Try playing pick up sticks using straws or twigs from your garden? Put the straws or twigs in a pile and try and pick them up without others moving – if you do it, you keep them! You could even collect twigs to play with when you go out for your daily exercise.

• If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, go for a bug hunt – see what you can find, you could take photos or draw a picture. Make sure you treat the bugs carefully!

• Play ‘Follow my Leader’ – choose someone in your family to lead and to walk all around the house doing actions – everyone else follows and does the same. Take turns to lead.

• Make hand shadows on the wall. Ask your parents to help you to use a lamp as a source of light. Say what you see, take it in turns

Mrs Dore says…..

• Host a movie night – plan by making tickets and posters for the movie that you’re going to watch. Prepare a snack such as crisps or popcorn. set the room like a cinema and show people to their seats. Enjoy the film!

• A garden is a great place to run around if you’re lucky enough to have one. Ask your parents to play catch with you. If you can’t find a ball, roll up some paper or a toilet roll tube and throw that!

• What’s going on outside? Look outside your window and count how many people, cars, lorries and bikes you see going past, Make a list or draw pictures of what you see.

• Fancy a healthy snack. Make fruit kebabs with a grown up. If you have no sticks see how many pieces of fruit that you can fit on a fork. In fact do the fork thing, it sounds like fun!

• It’s the ladybird time of year. See if you can find any in your garden. How many spots do they have? Draw or write down what you find.

Mr Hampton says….

• Secretly write a little note saying ‘I love you’ or ‘Thanks’ and put it on the pillow of someone in your family. They’ll find it when the go to bed. Don’t forget to add hearts and kisses!

• Make a den in your living room or bedroom. Do your favourite things in your den all day – even eat in there! Top tip – use sheets and chairs to get you started, then think about what else you’d want in there.

• Put a sticker or a blob of something sticky (jam?) on the end of your nose when no one is looking. See how long it takes for someone to spot it – I bet it gives them a funny surprise.

• Draw around the hands of everyone that lives in your house. See if it tickles them as you draw. What do you notice about the hands you have drawn? Decorate them and give them as gifts.