Other Fun Activities

Andy Murray’s 100 volley challenge

This week’s challenge is set by Andy Murray Himself. Check out the Youtube link for an explanation and demonstration:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-J2bUhuzsg.

Details of how to enter your scores (there are prizes up for grabs!) are available on the link below as well as lots of information on how you can adapt the challenge if you do not have tennis rackets and how you can make the task more accessible and more challenging.



Grow Some Cress

You will need:

  •  A clear pot
  • Cotton wool
  • Cress seeds
  • Water
1. Soak your cotton wool with water and place it in the bottom of your pot.
2. Open the packet of cress seeds and sprinkle them onto the wet cotton wool.
3. Check your cress seeds every day and water if needed. Make sure the cotton wool is damp but not soaking wet.
4. Watch your cress grow. Make sure you cut the cress and eat it regularly.

Mr Hampton Says…

Share some photos with each other
Do you have some photos of yourself as a child?
These days we take lots of photos but often only look at them when they are being taken. Take some time to share some old photos with your family – last month’s pictures can often provide as much to talk about and enjoy as those from years ago.
Lego Fun
With your child make Lego versions of yourselves as superheroes – choose your powers, share them and enjoy them. There are adventures waiting to be made!

Fat Ball Bird Feeders

You will need:
  • A pack of lard
  • Wild bird seed
  • Netting that fruit and vegetables come in
  • A bowl


Add the block of lard to the bowl and break it up into small pieces and add approximately 2 cups of the wild bird seed.  .

Mix the lard and wild bird seed together and squash together into balls.

Place the balls into the netting and tie to trees or fences in your garden.

You could take them out with you on a walk and hang them on tress or bushes for the birds to eat.

An activity from Mrs Bunce

Paper Doily Flowers

You will need:

  • A paper doily
  • Coloured cup cases
  • Glue
  • Lolly stick or paper straw
  • Button
  • Colouring pens or pencils



  1. Place the cake cases inside each other,
  2. glue them together and glue into the centre of the doily, for the petals.
  3. Glue a coloured button into the middle of the top cake case, this will be the centre of the flower.
  4. Glue a lolly stick or straw onto the back for the stem of your flower.
  5. Colour the doily.


I hope you enjoy making these flowers; I am looking forward to seeing your creations.


Mrs Dore has some exciting ‘chicken’ news!

Mrs Dore and her husband had a chicken hatch 10 days ago, ‘Little Mabel’ was born with two weak legs which saw her ‘wobbly’ on her feet.

Mrs Dore’s husband did some research on the internet and discovered this is a common difficulty young chicks can face, the advice was to make some ‘splints’ for the chicken’s legs with short pieces of drinking straw and secure in place with a hairband.

Mabel was ‘fitted’ with the straws and hairband splints, and ‘hey presto’ it did the trick! Little Mabel is now

 running around and has no need for the straws or hairbands.

We’re sure she is having a lovely time in her run enjoying the sun and pecking the ground for tasty morsels!


Mrs Boulton says…

• Try playing pick up sticks using straws or twigs from your garden? Put the straws or twigs in a pile and try and pick them up without others moving – if you do it, you keep them! You could even collect twigs to play with when you go out for your daily exercise.

• If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, go for a bug hunt – see what you can find, you could take photos or draw a picture. Make sure you treat the bugs carefully!

• Play ‘Follow my Leader’ – choose someone in your family to lead and to walk all around the house doing actions – everyone else follows and does the same. Take turns to lead.

• Make hand shadows on the wall. Ask your parents to help you to use a lamp as a source of light. Say what you see, take it in turns