Wednesday 25th March 2020

We’ve made it to Day 3.

I hope you have all enjoyed your first few days of home learning. I hope you have started to feel like you have begun to get a routine going.

Today in Mr Whitty’s household, as well doing our learning, we got out into the garden to explore a little bit. We came across squirrels, bees, daisies (made daisy chains – love making daisy chains!), snowdrops and oak leaves which had fallen to the ground over winter. We even found an old bench at the very bottom of the garden buried behind a pile of old shrubs and bushes. Bethany (you all remember Bethany I hope!) and I are going to fix it up by sanding it down and getting it ready to paint.

I will upload pictures as soon as I can so you can see how our project is progressing.

Something new to do or explore

Is there anything in your garden or home that you could repair, recycle or upcycle (with an adult) as part of an ongoing project? If so, I would love to hear or learn about it (don’t forget to upload pictures too).

Discovery Education

I hope you have all logged onto Discovery Education, If not and you are having difficulties, please email the school and the message will be passed on to me and I will get back to you with a solution.

On the front of the learning packs received towards the end of the week, there was a username and password for a resource called ‘Discovery Education’. On Discover Education you will find lots of different resources to support your child’s learning. Check out the section ‘Espresso’ – ‘KS2’.

I hope you have been able to log into Discovery Education. Today, I would like you to do the following activity.

Once in the section KS2, please go to ‘Maths’ – ‘Addition and Subtraction (lower)’ – Videos – Mental Calculations: Addition – Watch the video and have a go at the activities afterwards.   

Have fun learning and happy exploring….

Things to continue with


I have uploaded some handwriting/spelling resources. It includes the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list, along with another list of words we use every day called High Frequency Words or HFW spelling list. You do not have to use the spelling and the handwriting resources together but it works well using both together.  The best thing to do is to only choose about 5 or 6 spellings at any one time and focus on those until they are learned rather than trying to learn too many at once.

Times Tables

Keep learning your times table. All the hard work is paying off!!! (

Bug Club

Keep going with Bug Club. I have updated everyone’s Bug Club account. Your login details are in the front of your home and school contact books on page, Wc 30th September 2019. I will be allocating activities on Bug Club for you to complete over the next while.


If you are following Joe Wicks – Well done – We did it as a family today and my goodness we were so tired by the end. We were doing it on catch up as we could not do it at 9am. So, if you miss the one at 9am, Joe saves the session to his Youtube channel so it can be accessed anytime.

Dancing with Oti Mabuse is live on her Facebook page where you can learn a dance routine. This goes live at 11.30am each day.


Continue with your Easter Topic learning. This is a project type task and it should take time to complete. Please see the previous post – Easter Home Learning for more details. To see the progress your project is making, you can create a photographic diary if you take pictures of the different stages of your learning. This would be something I would love to see uploaded to the website for me to see.


You are an inspiration to me and to each other. Well done each and every one of you and thank you for keeping in touch via the website. It looks great. I look forward to receiving more from you over the next few days. Any questions, please write in and I will get back to you soon as possible.


Take care and be safe,

Mr Whitty