Write a My News piece about your weekend. Use the example in your book to help make it really interesting and informative!

On your book choosing day, choose a book together from our book crates and start to fill in your reading record for the week.

In Time to Think, Plan which Home Learning challenge you would like to do together this week.

Use the Ipads or computers to go on Bugclub or read the newspaper together.

Spend some time together talking about learning you are proud of. Get your adults to write some nice comments in your books with the pink pens.

And, just for this week:

  • Show off you ‘quick, brown fox’ handwriting.
  • Practise your simple subtraction – how quickly can you complete the sheet.
  • Play ‘Quiz master’ with someone. Each person, chooses 5 of the Eden project words. Can everyone else spell them correctly?
  • Plan and create an entry for the Summer Art Competition on the theme of rainbows.