T2T and HL activities : February Half Term

 Talk with your adults in Time to Think and start to plan what home learning might look like for you over the holiday.

 How many of these can you do?

Write a My News piece about your holiday. Use the example in your book to help make it really interesting and informative!

Choose a home learning challenge to do during the week.

Clear all of your bug club books- then explore Bugclub and see what games or activities you can find.

Learn your multiplication facts

– use the sheet to help you practise and remember them all.

– Can you draw arrays of the multiplication facts?

What do you know about BIRDS?

-What would you like to know?

Write a story about anything you like. Plan it first so you know how it ends before you start to write it.

-How many tier 2 words can you use.

Use the word list to make up your own spelling test.