Year 5



Today was a very important day on Mr Worth’s calendar: Star Wars Day.

The day started with us all working out our Jedi names (mine is Grandmaster Aarth Woron). We then created some cool Star Wars doodles.

In maths, we launched an investigation under Darth Vader’s orders. We had to work out which Star Destroyer would be the most appropriate to transport Emperor Palpatine across the galaxy.

To end our day, I had to decide who would be ‘Darth of the Day’. I wanted to choose a child who had worked really hard and put maximum effort into their learning throughout the day. The decision was so tough that I couldn’t decide on just one child.

Allow me to present both ‘Darths of the Day’ by their Jedi names:

Darth Polon (Formerly Jedi Master Aarrd Polon)

Darth Mahon (Formerly Jedi Master Jason Mahon)

Do you want to find out your Jedi name? It’s simple!

Take the first 3 letters of your first name – AAR
Then, take the last 2 letters of your last name – TH

Now take the first 3 letters of your last name – WOR
Then, take the last 2 letters of your first name – ON

Give yourself a title: Master, Grandmaster, Lord, Darth, General, Commander, Count, Emperor, Princess.

Who knew that ‘2p’s could be so interesting?

To end our day on this sunny Thursday afternoon, Year 5 investigated ‘2p’s.
Initially, when the children were presented with some 2 pence pieces, some thought, “so what?”.
The children stated that the coins were made of metal and when asked what properties they might have, they all confidently stated, “they will be magnetic”.
So imagine their confusion when only half of the ‘2p’s were picked up by even the strongest magnets.


“You’ve given us some fake coins Mr Worth!”

“No, it’s because those ones are dirty! Look how brown they are!”

“There must be something holding them down to the table…”
The coin was picked up effortlessly.

After that, everyone was examining the coins closely, each child noticing subtle differences in the coins.
Eventually, after some digging on the internet the children found some interesting facts.
The most relevant fact to this investigation was that all ‘2p’s made since September 1992 have been made from copper-plated steel.
The children found that steel is a strongly magnetic metal.
Alternatively, ‘2p’s made before September 1992 were all made from bronze – a non-magnetic metal.

This investigation proves that even things that seem boring at first can turn into a fascinating learning experience fuelled by curiosity.

World Book Day 2018

On Wednesday 14th March 2018, we finally celebrated World Book Day at Haytor View.

Year 5 put a lot of effort into their costumes and all brought in their favourite books to share – thank you guys!

At the end of the day, we were faced with a choice. Who was the ‘best dressed boy’ and ‘best dressed girl’?

I am pleased to share that our winner for ‘best dressed boy’ was Cody, who was ironically dressed as the notoriously scruffy Mr Twit from The Twits by Roald Dahl. Our winner for ‘best dressed girl’ was Ruby, who went all out and became a LOL Doll. Enjoy your new books!

Well done to Cody and Ruby and all those children who chose to dress up as their favourite character!


Becoming Anglo-Saxon

Last week, Year 5 visited the Anglo-Saxon village at Wildwood Escot as part of our Anglo-Saxons and Vikings topic.

We all took part in a ’Living History’ workshop run by the Wildwood education team, who brought the village to life and gave us an unforgettable experience (despite the extremely cold weather).

Together, we did some amazing things: conquered the maze; put our crafting skills to the test by smithing a metal brooch, minting an Anglo-Saxon coin, chiselling a sign for our school using Anglo-Saxon runes and carving a wooden skittle and ball; foraged through the woods for unusual foods; turned seeds into flour to bake bread; fed the hungry chicken; witnessed incredible animals such as wolves and lynx; and bravely confronted our fears on the drop-slide.

Welcome to a new schoolyear at Haytor View!

We would like to welcome everybody to a new schoolyear at Haytor View. We hope this year will be just as terrific as last years was.

– The Haytor View Team –

We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.

We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.