Year 5


Well done Caleb!

Well done to Caleb in our class for being selected to join the Total14 football squad. You’ve worked really hard. What an achievement!

Space… The Final Frontier

This afternoon, Year 5 (along with Mr Worth and Mrs Hodgson) were lucky enough to visit space in the brand new school space rocket Space Odyssey Dome. The children got to see the wonders of our solar system, including each of the eight planets, the Sun, the Moon and the asteroid belt. We even got to venture deep into the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way, where we encountered…


Fortunately, we learned that it is so far away that we don’t need to worry about it.

Everybody in Year 5 was over the moon to be inside the space dome and they all have so much to say about it, so watch this space… Get it?

The black hole at the centre of the Milky Way


The Saturn V rocket, ready to launch


Year 5 children were blown away by the size of our sun.

Tesco’s Choir

On Thursday 5th December the choir sang at Tesco’s in Newton Abbot. It was a fantastic, but nervous experience singing to such a large amount of people. They all did extremely well spreading festive cheer whilst people were shopping. Members of the public commented on how amazing the choir sounded. A massive thank you also goes to parents, carers and friends who came to Tesco to support the choir in this event. May it be first of many!

Author Visit – Ellie Jackson

This week, we had the privilege of being visited by Ellie Jackson, an author who writes passionately about the impact of plastic in our oceans. She shared with us the story of Duffy the sea-turtle, which had a powerful impact on the way we think about disposing of plastics (and everything else). It has inspired us in Year 5 to really think hard about how we could contribute to preventing plastics from having such a terrible impact on the Earth’s eco-systems. Watch this space…

Andrei Burton – Wow…

Andrei Burton, a world-class trials-biker, visited our school today to provide our children with a heart-pumping performance. We watched as Andrei did things on his bike that defied gravity and left us all amazed by what he was doing. To top off his performance, he invited an unsuspecting Mr Hankin to the front. He got a real close-up view as Andrei jumped his bike over him several times! Check out this video…


While Andrei was performing, he talked about the importance of practicing and being resilient. His message to the children was keep doing what you love and eventually you will master it like he had.

Check out the photos below – don’t miss the special slow-motion video of Andrei jumping over Mr Hankin!

Thanks for coming Andrei!

Lexi and Aimee asked members of our class for their thoughts:

I liked the way Andrei Burton was so close to the children watching when he did all of his stunts. Nicola

I liked when he rode up the towers and jumped on one wheel. Ayesha

I liked it when he jumped across the ladder of death and when Mr Hankin nearly got run over. Ebonie

I enjoyed it when he did stunts. Charlie

I liked it when he nearly ran over Mr Hankin. Amelia

I liked it when he jumped on the ladder of death and nearly ran over Mr Hankin. Leo

I like the fact that he is very talented. Ruby

I held my breath all the way through, especially when he started jumping over Mr Hankin! Thank goodness that wasn’t me! Mr Worth 

I learned that you don’t need to be good at something to have fun. Harvey-Jack

I learned that it is hard to do stunts on a bike. Brandon

We learned that anything is possible if you always try and try again. Lexi and Aimee


Travelling back in time at Wildwood Escot

Today, Year 5 spent an unforgettable day at Wildwood Escot, where we got to experience Anglo-Saxon life in their Anglo-Saxon village, Edcot. What a day we had!

The first thing we did was get lost in the massive maze – Mr Worth was the last one to the middle! After that, we toured the different houses that would have been found in Britain from the Bronze-Age up to the Saxon Period whilst learning all about them. Shortly after, we were let loose to enjoy the activities on offer: dressing up in Anglo-Saxon clothes, wielding Anglo-Saxon weapons, blacksmithing, woodworking, wheat-grinding, cooking and playing Anglo-Saxon games like skittles. It was a great start to the day.

After lunch, we celebrated Mrs Louise’s birthday – she was so surprised! We then went off on a walk around the park to see the animals: wolves, lynx, birds of prey and wild-boar in ‘Jurassic Pork’. After that, we had a go at the dreaded drop-slide challenge. Well done to all that braved even climbing to the top, let alone those that went down “the quick way”.

We learned so much from our day out and really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!


We explored an ancient Egyptian tomb today. What did you do?

Today, Year 5 were lucky enough to use virtual reality to dive into an ancient Egyptian adventure from the comfort of a cool classroom!

The children spent some time exploring an ancient tomb that contained lots of treasures to collect and learn about.

After emerging back into this reality, they shared what they found and talked about what they would like to see in a future VR experience – I personally love the idea that some children suggested of becoming Beowulf and battling monsters like Grendel.


Swimming – The story so far…

Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been enjoying some really exciting swimming sessions – everyone has had something awesome to say about the three sessions that we have enjoyed so far! Check out what everyone has had to say below!

Skye: I enjoyed it when me and Lexi got to swim on our backs without floats.

Jamie D: Swimming with flippers because it was really easy and really fast

Kai: Putting on the flippers

Nunez: I enjoyed when we got to jump in the deep end.

Ayesha: I enjoyed all the encouragement from other people as they were all shouting my name and cheering me on.

Liam: I really enjoyed learning how to swim with the flippers. It was my first ever time and it was really fast.

Katie: I am looking forward to going into the deeper bit of the pool. Even if you can’t swim, it’s ok.

Mia: I enjoyed learning how to swim like an octopus.

Chloe-May: I really enjoyed swimming with other people in the pool and encouraging them.

Chloe: I enjoyed learning new skills that I didn’t know I could do.

Corey: Our group were doing it with one float and swimming with one arm.

Finley: I like being in the pool with my friends, using the floats and flippers and cheering on Ayesha.

Sophie: I enjoyed being in the deep end.

Ebonie: I enjoyed being with my friends and doing something that I love.

Brandon: I lost my flipper, so swam back and said, “I’ve got a problem…”

Ruby: I was the fastest swimmer in my group with the flippers!

Jack: I enjoyed rescuing Brandon’s flipper.

Amelia: I enjoyed watching Liam jump in because he belly-flopped.

Rio: I liked swimming really fast with the flippers.

Bethany: I enjoyed being able to go swimming with my friends and swimming without a float.

Charlie: My three favourite parts were using the float and the noodle, swimming on my back and play time.

Harvey: I enjoyed being in the deep end because I had to dive deep to rescue Ayesha’s flipper.

Nicola: I enjoyed learning how to swim with my friends and helping Aimee because she has never been swimming before.

Leo: I’ve enjoyed swimming with Jack and Corey.

Jamie M: I really enjoyed going really fast with the flippers on.

Exeter City Football Training

Year 5 have been fortunate enough to get involved in an exciting opportunity offered to us by Exeter City Football club.

We have been enjoying playing new games and learning new skills together – and what glorious weather to do that in!


Planet Rap

It’s no secret that Year 5 love a bit of a sing-song, so at the end of term, I introduced them to an awesome rap about the planets. They got into it pretty quickly and enjoyed learning about the planets this way.

Rio and Charlie definitely deserve a big shout out for putting their all into their raps!

(I’ve been cutting some quick clips of children getting really into it. Watch this space!)

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We are a ‘GOOD’ school

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