Year 4


Years 3 and 4 Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who supported our bake sale!

We raised £70.00 and plan to discuss what the children would like this money to be spent on to further improve our classroom environment.
We had a wonderful time making and decorating the cakes, we hope you enjoyed eating them! 

Year 3 and 4 Paignton Zoo Trip

Our topic this term is Rainforests.  As part of our topic, we are learning about the artist Rousseau and the geography of tropical rainforests.

Year 3 and 4 went on a trip to Paignton Zoo to look around and engaged in a ‘Remarkable Rainforests’ workshop run by the zoo education team where they took a closer look at tropical forests around the world and the incredible animals and plants that are found there, found out why rainforests are so important, why they are threatened and how we can help protect them.’


Katie – ‘The crocodiles had sharp teeth! That’s what I liked.’


Bethany – ‘the snake skin felt smooth and bumpy’

Mia – ‘My favourite part was the toothless crocodile’.


Leo – ‘I really liked the giraffe skeleton’


Alyssia – ‘I liked seeing the huge snake’.

Alyssia – ‘I liked seeing the huge snake’.

Father Nick’s Visit

In RE we are exploring and learning about Religion, Family and Community within Christianity and Islam. We have been learning about worship and community which will enable the children to explore the meanings both in their own lives and within the lives of Christians and Muslims. 

As part of this, Father Nick (Priest at St. Luke’s Church) came in and talked to us about the Chruch, features of the church and the community.  We listened and learnt about the layout of the Church, what was significant inside the church, services and activities it has to offer, looked at the different types of clothing priests wore and we also smelt the incense.

‘Father Nick showed us how you become a Bishop.’

Liam and Jayden

‘I learnt how they stained glass windows to tell the story of Jesus.’


‘I enjoyed trying on the clothing.’

Maxx and Gracie

‘I learnt about the clothing priests wore.’


‘I learnt about the incense.’

Ellen, Caitlin and Ebony

3/4 trip to Prehistoric Decoy!

Recently, all of years 3 and 4 went on a trip to Decoy Country Park to build on our learning about Prehistoric Britain.

While we were there we:

Re-created The Stone Henge

Got very dirty creating cave art with the natural clay that the rangers found in the rivers

Made fires like the cave men did (with the help of a flint tool and some expert guidance!)

Took the opportunity to gather ideas for our writing

Learned LOADS from the three Decoy Rangers! The showed us natural rocks, old bones and lots more.

N.A.M.A Newton Abbot Martial Arts

We welcomed Ed Colman-Roberts into school who gave us a Taekwon-Do taster session.  We learnt new skills and enjoyed taking part in a different sport.

N.A.M.A offer Little Pumas (4-7 years), Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing and Fitness sessions.  For more information visit www.na-martialarts.co.uk or e-mail Ed at newtonabotma@gmail.com.


We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.

We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.