Year 1

PE with Mr Patchett

The children have loved having Mr Patchett in to support them in PE. Mr Patchett has shared with us some fantastic techniques and has helped us to build our own mini gymnastics floor routines featuring balances such as, a front support, back support, v sit, shoulder stand… We were able to combine these balances with different balances with rolls and jumps that we combined and performed.

What a lovely sight.

Stay and Play 

Our Tuesdays and Thursdays, we hope children and parents can join our Stay and Play sessions. These sessions are designed to give parents and children some quality time together, whilst also giving time for us adults to get to know each other and chat about anything on our minds.

It is great to see Stay and Play is being used for lots of different things and especially to see parents bringing younger siblings into the setting and starting to make good use of what is here.

Take a look at:

  • How the story telling chair is starting to be used.
  • How younger siblings are using our new ipads.
  • Core Offer Reference:
  • Every child has comfort with who they are.
  • Children will collaborate with others in all contexts
  • Parents enjoy and share in their children’s lives.

Bedtime stories and Poetry performances!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Bedtime stories and poetry session. It was wonderful to see you all enjoying books together, discussing stories and sharing thoughts. To those who performed, I’m giving you an extra big round of applause! You are amazing. The poems were shared with expression, actions and a giggle or two! What an amazing group of people I have the pleasure of spending my time with.

If you have any further questions about reading, Bug Club or the Contact Book, please do not hesitate to ask me. 🙂

Miss Hall

Life Education Bus Visit

On Wednesday, the children in KS1 had the opportunity to visit the Life Education Bus. Inside the bus, Helen led the children through different activities (with a little help from Harold the Giraffe!) all about staying healthy and happy. In Year 1 the children discovered more about different food groups and how they can keep healthy. They also helped Harold, Kiki and Derek with a food sculpture problem, making decisions over how the three friends could make things right after Kiki broke Derek’s fruit sculpture.

In Year 2 the children explored feelings and how they can keep themselves and others happy. The children explored a party scenario where people at the party were showing different emotions. The children talked about why one child was feeling sad and decided on how they could help them to feel better.

Safer Internet Day 2020

The Children in KS 1 had a fantastic afternoon on Tuesday 11th February as they shared and applied their learning around what we all need to do to stay safe on line.

The children had explored the issues relevant to them in the morning and then came together in mixed year teams in the afternoon to create something which would help others to stay safe on line.

We had teams making model computers, some creating posters and a number even got together to create and present small plays. Because of this, we decided to move our learning to the hall so we all had the space we needed to practice and produce our projects comfortably.

The children were scaffolded in planning a project from start to finish and then presenting it to their peers. The peer evaluations provided were incredibly interesting!

Please talk to your children about what we all need to do to make sure we are staying safe and secure on line.

If there is anything you would like to talk to us about, please just pop in and we will find time to chat.

Our new traversing wall.

Year 1 and 2 were very excited to go out at break time today and find the new traversing wall was finished and ready to go.

This is a brilliant addition to our outdoor environment and will be great in supporting children to further develop their team work, confidence and upper and core body strength whilst simply having fun!

We love our reading assemblies.

We love our reading assemblies!

For twenty minutes on a Thursday, year 1 and 2 come together to share and explore their reading books together.

Today, the year 2 children were sharing their most recent reading text. The Year 1s were making sure the Year 2s read it to them so they could understand what the text was telling them. The year 2s were checking that the year 1s were using their listening skills by asking them questions about what they had read to them.

Our creative designers!

The KS1 team were lucky enough to be able to host Kate Green, an artist working with Newton Abbot museum, for a day.

Kate is working on display materials for the new Newton Abbot museum and was seeking ideas from local schools. Our local museum is a very special place for us and we value our ongoing relationship so we were delighted to be asked to be involved.

The children were given the design brief of creating banners which could be hung outside the museum to provide information and encourage visitors to come inside. Some of the ideas that  they came up with were incredible.

We cannot wait to see some of their influences turning up in the finished banners.

A big THANK YOU to Kate and the museum staff from all those in years 1 and 2 for the fantastic experience they were provided with.

High 5 Team has returned!

After last years success in seeing many children vastly improve their fine motor skills, I am very excited to share that Mrs Bunce’ High 5 Team is up and running for 2020! In High 5, we explore fine motor control and social skills over the course of a six week programme. High Five is aimed at children exhibiting challenge with fine motor skills eg: handwriting skills, lack of hand strength, difficulties with manual dexterity, struggling to coordinate cutlery and difficulty dressing. The ethos of the programme is to encourage positivity and a ‘can do’ attitude. The children are able to participate in a range of activities with a focus on cutting, drawing, tearing, colouring and manipulating materials with their hands to gain confidence in these skills in a fun way


Already, after week 1, many of the children in the group are showing improved cutting and colouring skills. I cannot wait to see the progress they will make!

What a great thing to see in Our Hub.

I’ve just walked through the hub and could not help be impressed by the way the Year 3/4 base 2 class and Year 1 class were working together on their reading.

The older children were doing an amazing job of hearing the younger children read and then asking them questions about their texts. It was a really purposeful yet energised atmosphere and I’m glad I got to experience it.

Iain Franklin

KS 1 Phase Leader

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We are a ‘GOOD’ school

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