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We love our reading assemblies.

We love our reading assemblies!

For twenty minutes on a Thursday, year 1 and 2 come together to share and explore their reading books together.

Today, the year 2 children were sharing their most recent reading text. The Year 1s were making sure the Year 2s read it to them so they could understand what the text was telling them. The year 2s were checking that the year 1s were using their listening skills by asking them questions about what they had read to them.

Our creative designers!

The KS1 team were lucky enough to be able to host Kate Green, an artist working with Newton Abbot museum, for a day.

Kate is working on display materials for the new Newton Abbot museum and was seeking ideas from local schools. Our local museum is a very special place for us and we value our ongoing relationship so we were delighted to be asked to be involved.

The children were given the design brief of creating banners which could be hung outside the museum to provide information and encourage visitors to come inside. Some of the ideas that  they came up with were incredible.

We cannot wait to see some of their influences turning up in the finished banners.

A big THANK YOU to Kate and the museum staff from all those in years 1 and 2 for the fantastic experience they were provided with.

High 5 Team has returned!

After last years success in seeing many children vastly improve their fine motor skills, I am very excited to share that Mrs Bunce’ High 5 Team is up and running for 2020! In High 5, we explore fine motor control and social skills over the course of a six week programme. High Five is aimed at children exhibiting challenge with fine motor skills eg: handwriting skills, lack of hand strength, difficulties with manual dexterity, struggling to coordinate cutlery and difficulty dressing. The ethos of the programme is to encourage positivity and a ‘can do’ attitude. The children are able to participate in a range of activities with a focus on cutting, drawing, tearing, colouring and manipulating materials with their hands to gain confidence in these skills in a fun way


Already, after week 1, many of the children in the group are showing improved cutting and colouring skills. I cannot wait to see the progress they will make!

What a great thing to see in Our Hub.

I’ve just walked through the hub and could not help be impressed by the way the Year 3/4 base 2 class and Year 1 class were working together on their reading.

The older children were doing an amazing job of hearing the younger children read and then asking them questions about their texts. It was a really purposeful yet energised atmosphere and I’m glad I got to experience it.

Iain Franklin

KS 1 Phase Leader

What a great ARTYnoon!

Today we had a special visitor from the Newton Abbot Museum who came in to share with KS1 information about the new developments to the museum and run an art project. Year 1 were taken through a 3D tour of the architects’ plans for the museum before being introduced to our afternoon mission; to create a banner to attract people to the museum. The children used what they had learnt about the museum, what things you might see inside, special features, information about the history of Newton Abbot, as well as their knowledge about what makes a great banner, to design and create their own banner idea. The children’s designs will go to the museum where Kate and the team will look at the banners from our school, and banners from other schools, that will inspire the final two banners that will be placed outside of the new museum.

How to Catch Santa Christmas Performance!

Wow. What a week of performances! All of the children and parents in Year 1 should be feeling incredibly proud. All of the children have put in an incredible amount of thought, care and consideration around their performances which has lead to them being incredible. Thank you to all the support from parents and adults we have received along the way from the script learning to the cheers in the hall. Thank you!

Year 1 Christmas Visit to the Methodist Church.

Year 1 loved their recent visit to the Methodist church where the class were able to participate in a range of craft activities. The children began the trip (after a bit of a climb up the hill!) by watching a story about the Nativity. The children then discussed the story that they had listened to before heading off into teams where they were able to create their own Christmas crafts centered around the Christmas Story to take home.


If you have any craft materials you are able to donate towards Christmas craft and creating performances, please bring them in! Any donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your support,

Miss Hall

Applying our learning from Road Safety week to our SUSTRANS project.

On Tuesday this week, the children in year 1 and 2 teamed up in mixed year teams to take on a creative challenge project.

The challenge they were set was to create something which would help someone who was doing the same SUSTRANS project as them to do it safely.

The SUSTRANS project is looking at supporting and encouraging healthy and environmentally friendly ways of getting to and from school as alternatives to driving a car. Last week was road safety week, so it seemed to make sense to bring the learning from last week into this week so children could really develop a clear picture of how to get from A to B safely.

The ideas they come up with were great and the safety messages were clear, even for those who are still coming in a car!

“Hold hands with an adult when you walk to school.”  “Look both ways when you cross the road on your scooter.”  “Make sure you are wearing a helmet when you ride a bike.”  “Wear your seatbelts.” “Don’t distract the driver.”


Our reading assemblies

The children have started using their reading and listening skills for a real purpose and they are loving it.

The Year 2s wanted an audience for their reading and the year 1s wanted to hear stories being read to them, so this fitted perfectly.

We are looking and thinking about how this can develop around our reciprocal reading approach and are really looking forward to watching both year 1s and year 2 s grow as readers and listeners together.

We are a ‘GOOD’ school

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We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.

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