Year 1

What a lovely way to round off a very successful spring term!

Our craft sessions are always a great opportunity to get together and spend some time creating memories as well as little souveniers of the season.

Really well done and a big thank you to all of the parents who took time out of their day to spend it in school with their child.

If anyone has any ideas for activities we could run next year in our Easter Craft afternoon, please just let us know.


We hope you all have a great Easter Break and we will see you fresh and eager to learn when you get back next term.

Cold but happy!


What a great opportunity for team work the recent snow brought. At break time, we were able to trek down onto the field and explore our very own arctic environment.

The children (and adults!) had a wonderful time working and playing together, seeing who could build the biggest snow ball and then turn it into a snow man.

Thank you Fiona, in the Kitchen, for the carrots. Without those, our snowmen would have had no noses.

How does a snow man smell without a nose?

Still terrible! Boom Boom!


Our certificate assemblies.

We love our assemblies! It is great to see so many parents coming in week after week to celebrate with their children. As we always tell the children, if someone has given you their time, that really shows they love you as time is the most precious gift anyone can give because it is something you cannot buy more of!

Our assemblies never stay the same and are always changing to make them even better. The latest development is that the children are now running the show, reading out the names, the reasons for the award and then giving the certificates!

Our trip to Decoy Park.

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We had an amazing time time at Decoy searching for the Drumming Bird. Unfortunately we are still yet to find it! We shall continue our search next week onto Dartmoor where we hope to find more clues from the fairies.

Our ‘twitcher’ trip to Decoy.

Charlie told us this morning that his new word for the day was ‘twitcher’. He told us it was another word for a ‘Bird spotter’ and then used it in his sentence, “Today we are going to be twitchers!”

We had an amazing day and were so lucky with the weather!

We spotted over 20 different species of birds and year 2 conducted their survey to find the most common bird at Decoy. Year 1 hunted hard for the ‘Drumming bird’s’ house and whilst they spotted many habitats for many birds, they decided that they have not yet found the right habitat and need to keep on looking! I wonder where their search will take them?

Thank you so much to all of the parents who came to join their children in their out of classroom learning, either as a ‘hi viz helper’ or just to enjoy a day out in the park.

I cant wait for the next one!



Beat the Teacher!

Wow. This is really, really impressive!

Three weeks ago, at Stay and Play, young Mr D played his first game of Downfall against me.

I explained that I never let my own children win at games, which might be a bit mean but it does mean that when they win, they know they have done really well. Young Mr D. dealt really well with his feelings when I did beat him that first time. He said he wanted to practise so he could beat me so I lent him and Mum the game and he took it away to practise.

He asked for a rematch this week and after only playing for three weeks, young Mr D. beat me at Downfall!  Not only did he beat me, he absolutely wiped the floor with me and then explained his strategy and how he did it!

He’s only in year 1!

Hummph. Now its my turn to practise!

Have you seen the Fairies?

Welcome back after a very snowy weekend!

In Year 1 we have been having some unexpected visitors in the classroom who call themselves ‘The Fairies’. They have been writing us messages asking us to crack maths codes using our addition, go on adventures around the field to search for Drumming Birds and have even sent us an old map of Devon to explore!

This week we are continuing to find and use different tools to help us to add numbers and we will also be exploring word problems. In literacy we have been questioning, thinking about what we might need to bring on our adventure, predicting and telling the fairies about what we did in the snow. This week we will be writing a book report for our class story and looking out for more notes from the Fairies! In geography we will be looking at labeling maps and considering what we might need to do an experiment to find out what plants need.

In preparation for Easter, we have also started learning our Easter songs!

Learning and Exploring in Year 1!

We have had a fantastic week in Year 1 discovering new facts about sharks; creating some moves for our own shark dance; spotting rainbows in the outdoor area; discovering about Dartmoor and trying out some of our bossy verbs.

Year 1 worked incredibly hard as a team on Monday and Tuesday to make our own gingerbread houses which tasted as good as they looked! Some fantastic teamwork and perseverance.

Check out the photos of our amazing houses!

For the Home Learning this week, I have sent home a sheet titled ‘Chunking Magic’. Please can this be completed by Friday 19th January. If you have any questions about the Home Learning, please feel free to ask me during the week.

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We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.

We are a ‘GOOD’ school

Please read our recent full Ofsted inspection report by clicking on the button to the left.