Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and happy and keeping yourselves and each other safe.

It would be STAY and PLAY today if we were at school, so can I invite you to Stay and Play, but just do it at home! Dig out your favourite board game and play together. If you are stuck for some ideas, have a look at this website for some of the proper ‘old skool’ games played with just a piece of paper and a pencil. http://www.papg.com/

I’ve spent part of Monday going through all of your great Bug Club responses and writing a little message back to everyone who has completed a written response question. I will make sure I do this every Monday, so you know I am still here to help and support you in what you are doing.

Can you all make sure you are doing your bug club each week. I will set one a book a week, so that you can really develop fluency in reading that text, understanding it and then later in the week, answering the Bug Club questions very carefully so you get the answers correct first time. If anyone does want any extra, let me know via the website and, if you are clearing them all fluently and well, I will set a few more for you.

I’m also setting Bug Club grammar games. Again, some of these allow you to make written responses and wherever you write one, I will respond.

With all of the Bug Club stuff, please do it carefully.  Make sure you have done all the activities properly, not rushing them to get them done quickly.

Keep checking the website everyday for more ideas, suggestions and resources and get in touch with me through the website if you want to.

Take care

Mr F.