Home Learning – Year 1

Home learning 12.03.18

This week’s spellings (to be quizzed on the 19.03.18) focusing on the -air sound:






Tricky words to learn:






Home Learning:

Can you find out anything about the history of Dartmoor?

Can you write an addition word problem to solve?

Can you solve my word problem? 17 children handed in their school trip letters in the morning. 9 children handed there’s in in the afternoon. how many children wanted to go on the trip?

Home Learning – Year 2

Monday, 23 April 2018 Time to Think / Home Learning activities


On your book changing day, choose your reading book to share together. Write a comment in the contact book about it.

On the other days, and at home you could


  • Write a My News about your weekend.
  • Use an Ipad to complete some bug club.
  • Choose a Home Learning challenge: In Time to Think, plan what you will need to do to be successful.
  • Choose a red number and a blue number. Can you add them together in your head?
  • Choose a yellow number and a green number to add together. Why are these harder? How could you find an answer?
  • Draw a picture of the Roald Dahl characters you created on Monday.

Home Learning – Year 3

Home Learning 24th April – Due in 30th April

This week’s maths Home Learning is multiplication for all! Please practice your times tables as much as possible (and not just for this week!). We have provided you with a times table grid to complete and space to practice the tables you are finding tricky.  Maths Home Learning – times tables 24.4.18

Literacy Home Learning this week is all about thinking of a journey as a story and a story as a journey! Please think of a journey you have been on (it could be as simple as your journey to school) and story map the events that happen along the way. You can make your journey more exciting by adding events in if you would like! I am happy for these to be recorded as pictures or words, as long as it has a start point and an end point. Literacy Home Learning -story map 24.4.18

Spellings this week: Spellings 24.4.18

This week’s spelling test was fantastic! Please keep up the good work and ensure you are practising your spellings regularly throughout the week. 5 minutes per day tends to be the best way, particularly on those trickier words!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to come and speak to me.

Miss Shopland


Home Learning W/C 16th April

Literacy Home Learning

Literacy Home Learning -Noun phrases 17.4.18

Spelling Home Learning

This week’s spellings are words that have been sent home to learn previously. This week I would like to see every word written into a sentence, with accurate spellings and punctuation. Please ensure you use a pencil and ensure your handwriting is neat.

Spellings 17.4.18

Maths Home Learning

Miss Shopland and Mrs Hodgson’s group: Maths Home Learning -Equivalent fractions 17.4.18

Mrs Louise’s group: Maths Home Learning -Equivalent fractions to half – WL 17.4.18

Home Learning – Year 4

Home Learning – Year 5

Home Learning – Due 26th April


This week’s home-learning can be downloaded below.

If you have any questions, please come and ask me.


Please download your the spelling activity (make sure you print the correct group) and one interesting word investigation grid.

Spellings (All Groups)

Interesting word investigation grid (Y5)

As always, use a dictionary or www.collinsdictionary.com to help you.
You can access this website on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you can’t remember how to use the investigation grid, I have attached an example below. If you still do not understand, ask me before the home-learning is due.



This week, you need to use your knowledge of geometric vocabulary to draw various shapes based on their definitions.

Choose the challenge that is right for you!

Maths – Drawing shapes


For literacy, I would like you to read the explanation text ‘How Volcanoes Erupt’.
You need to find and highlight as many time connectives and causal conjunctions as you possibly can.
Choose two colours to use (one for time connectives and a different one for causal conjunctions).

How Volcanoes Erupt

Again, if you have any questions about any of this, please ask me before the due date.

Home Learning – Year 6

Y6 home learning 13/03/17

maths coordinate questions (20 minutes)
reading paper (1 hour maximum!)
spellings to learn from list (time given in school – 10 minute reminder at home please)
Grammar & Punctuation paper (50 minutes maximum!)
word web -ject- (object, dejected etc) (10 minutes)