Welcome back after a very snowy weekend!

In Year 1 we have been having some unexpected visitors in the classroom who call themselves ‘The Fairies’. They have been writing us messages asking us to crack maths codes using our addition, go on adventures around the field to search for Drumming Birds and have even sent us an old map of Devon to explore!

This week we are continuing to find and use different tools to help us to add numbers and we will also be exploring word problems. In literacy we have been questioning, thinking about what we might need to bring on our adventure, predicting and telling the fairies about what we did in the snow. This week we will be writing a book report for our class story and looking out for more notes from the Fairies! In geography we will be looking at labeling maps and considering what we might need to do an experiment to find out what plants need.

In preparation for Easter, we have also started learning our Easter songs!