Hello Everyone Good Morning

I understand that some of you may have had difficultly opening up some of the documents this week. I have saved all of  the documents again as PDF’s so hopefully these will open on you phones, laptops etc. Click on the blue words for the PDF downloads for Thursday’s Challenge Bug Hunt Sheet  Monday’s Challenge Creative Thinking 

Dough Disco Finger Strengthening Fun… Remember we have used video this in class!  Have fun.

Use can your own dough or EVEN make your own dough first

I saw some lovely pictures sent from families today (Thursday 26th March) of memory work and outside exploration  So today’s Friday’s Challenge mixes the two skills together.

What do you remember seeing on your memory walk?

You can walk around your house or garden  In the house name one thing from each room or each part of the room. Again if you choose to complete your memory walk outside or in the garden . pick out 6 things you you see along the walk. When you get back to the start. See if you can recall all of the things you saw?...A harder skill CAN you remember them IN ORDER?

Easter Learning

This term we have been learning to tell and act out the Traditional Tale : The Gingerbread Man . I’ve added a link to the story that was shared across the Foundation Stage unit on 18th March. Listen again and see if you can join in with the familiar phrases.

Tony Wilson The Gingerbread Man


After Easter we will be looking at the story of The Enormous Turnip 

We had just started looking at line work before we left. Your Easter Challenge is  Can you decorate your own paper Easter Egg? . Remember we looked at various lines ….WavesZig Zags, Arches, Straight lines and  Dashes. You can use pens or thin strips of paper. Remember the strips of paper need two feet! You can show your parents what I mean.  When you have designed your egg.. Remember to create your own egg hunt. Hide your paper egg somewhere in your house or garden for your parents to find. 


F2 Children Remember to access you Bug Club account 

Keep Smiling and Enjoy time with your precious family. Miss Butler