In RE we are exploring and learning about Religion, Family and Community within Christianity and Islam. We have been learning about worship and community which will enable the children to explore the meanings both in their own lives and within the lives of Christians and Muslims. 

As part of this, Father Nick (Priest at St. Luke’s Church) came in and talked to us about the Chruch, features of the church and the community.  We listened and learnt about the layout of the Church, what was significant inside the church, services and activities it has to offer, looked at the different types of clothing priests wore and we also smelt the incense.

‘Father Nick showed us how you become a Bishop.’

Liam and Jayden

‘I learnt how they stained glass windows to tell the story of Jesus.’


‘I enjoyed trying on the clothing.’

Maxx and Gracie

‘I learnt about the clothing priests wore.’


‘I learnt about the incense.’

Ellen, Caitlin and Ebony