Home learning due in 19/11/18

Hi all! If you don’t have any of the home learning activity sheets, please visit our ‘home learning copies’ tray near the door to our classroom. Home learning this week consists of: *Maths – adding measures then some column subtraction practice...

Y6 home learning 13/03/17

maths coordinate questions (20 minutes) reading paper (1 hour maximum!) spellings to learn from list (time given in school – 10 minute reminder at home please) Grammar & Punctuation paper (50 minutes maximum!) word web -ject- (object, dejected etc) (10...

Year 6 Home learning 06/03/18 due in 13/03/18

Lots of small bits this week guys! 1. Maths SAT paper (45 minutes) 2. Design reading questions about The Magician’s Nephew extract (30 minutes) 3. Word web investigation: -sense- (15 minutes) 4. Word class sheet – revise the meanings (10 minutes) 5. Words...

Year 6 home learning due 27/02/18

Maths – previous SAT paper Reading – previous SAT paper Word awareness – word web around the root -part- eg departure, partner etc – Go on, explore!

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