Wow. This is really, really impressive!

Three weeks ago, at Stay and Play, young Mr D played his first game of Downfall against me.

I explained that I never let my own children win at games, which might be a bit mean but it does mean that when they win, they know they have done really well. Young Mr D. dealt really well with his feelings when I did beat him that first time. He said he wanted to practise so he could beat me so I lent him and Mum the game and he took it away to practise.

He asked for a rematch this week and after only playing for three weeks, young Mr D. beat me at Downfall!  Not only did he beat me, he absolutely wiped the floor with me and then explained his strategy and how he did it!

He’s only in year 1!

Hummph. Now its my turn to practise!