To start with…

These are challenging and unexpected times and I would like to thank you for your support and kindness. You have all been amazing! On Friday we did our upmost to provide the children with, what they described to me as “the best day ever”. I appreciate that many of you were unable to be there, but would like to reinforce that you are making choices that will keep your child and others healthy.

I have put together Home Learning for the next 3 weeks. Those of you who were able to be there on Friday will have a printed pack and Home Learning Book. If you do not have your book and learning pack, do not worry it is being kept safe for you. However, due to our fantastic website, I can share with you the Home Learning here!

I appreciate for many of you this experience may feel like being thrown into the deep end. Just a reminder that we are still here to support you, just in a different way. All we ask is for you to do your best. These are unusual times and we are all learning!

I look forward to seeing the photos of your activities! πŸ™‚

Best wishes

Miss Hall


Home Learning from 23.03.20 – the end of Easter.



  • Monday – Exploring coins. What coins do you have? What different amounts can you create? Have a go at sharing the coins with someone in your family. Use < > to show who has the most. Can you share the coins in different ways?
  • Tuesday – Use 10p and 1p coins. If you had 2 10p coins and Miss Hall had 9 1p coins, who would have the most? What is the difference? Draw it, prove it.
  • Wednesday – Look at the 10 frames Place Value Within 50 sheet. Use the 10 frames to draw how many of each item there are and count my efficiently. Complete the first sheet.
  • Thursday – Continue with maths fluency using the 10s frames.
  • Friday – Place Value Within 50 using a number line sheet 1. Count how many 10s and how many 1s to find out how many there are altogether.
  • Easter activities – use your number knowledge to follow a recipe and weigh different ingredients. What did you make? How did you make sure that you measured accurately?
  • Complete the missing numbers challenge.
  • Complete the maths reasoning sheet.


  • Monday – Read you set 1 words. Can you say a sentence with the word through in it? Can you write a sentence with the word thought in it? Remember to think, say your sentence 3X, write it, then check your
  • Tuesday – Read your set 1 words. Practice writing the words a and Try using each word in a sentence.
  • Wednesday – Read your set 1 words. Practice writing at. Try using the word in a sentence.
  • Thursday – Read your set 1 words. Practice writing are Try using the word in a sentence.
  • Friday – Read your set 1 words. Practice writing Try using each word in a sentence.
  • Easter Holidays – Practice writing your set 1 words. Create your own The Very Hungry ….. story.


Each day:

  • Go through all of the phoneme flash cards.
  • Log onto Bug club and complete one of the allocated phonics assessment activities.

Throughout the week:

Have a go at a phase 4/5 phonics game. How many points can you get?



  • Week 1 Talk to an adult about where you live. What is it like? What is there around you? Have a look on Google Maps. Draw a picture of where you live and add labels to show what is around you.
  • Week 2 What are the different parts of the United Kingdom? Look at the map of the UK. Discuss the different counties. Where are we? Can you label the blank map. Add to your map where north, south, east and west are. What do you think is different about the different parts of the UK?
  • Week 3 Look at the picture of the world. How many different oceans can you see? Test yourself and your adult who can learn and remember the most oceans? Add the oceans to your blank World map.

Look at the different continents. Which continent are we on? Can you point to where we are? Can you add the continents to your blank map?


  • What trees are there around you? Go on a nature walk and collect leaves as you go. Record how many of each leaf you find? What different leaves did you find? Which were the most common leaves (the ones you found the most of)?
  • Plant and grow your Garden Pea seed (don’t forget to water it!).



  • Choose a famous sports person.
  • What have they achieved?
  • Why have you chosen them?
  • Why are they successful?


  • Spend 15 minutes a day being active! This could include: going for a walk, playing in the garden, doing some vigorous activity, doing some dancing!



  • Use a mirror to look at your face. Can you accurately draw the features of your face?


Design and Technology

  • Have a go at the 30 day Lego challenge.



  • What different sounds can you make using a plastic cup?
  • Can you create a slow beat?
  • Can you create a fast beat?


Reading (this should take 15-20 minutes each day)

  • Monday – choose a book from BugClub to read for the week. Prediction: What do you think your book might be about? Why? Record in your Home Learning book.
  • Tuesday – Question and Clarify. Talk to your adult about words or sentences you are unsure about.
  • Wednesday – Question. Do you have any more questions about your book?
  • Thursday – Summarise. Can you tell me what the book is about? Who else might like this book? Why? What genre is the book?
  • Friday – Fluency. Can you read the book fluently (as if you were talking).
  • Easter Holidays – Reading BugClub books. Have a go at the activities at the end of your BugClub books.